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Thread : Swine flu- unfolding into mega proportions

    Swine flu- unfolding into mega proportions
    by: on 6th Jun'2009

    H1N1 influenza otherwise known as swineflu is spreading across the world crossing all the borders at a rapid pace.

    Many of the countries have introduced entry screening methods but have not put any exit screening policies in place.Now the virus is slowly establishing itself into every part of the world except Africa.

    So far USA recorded 27 deaths and Australia recorded nealry 700 infected cases with no recorded deaths .Japan have cancelled many of its national and international events in an effort to contain the spread of this deadly virus

    Some governments have started to release tamiflu tablets in a controlled manner as people started to line up for these antiviral prophylaxis methods.

    India, Australia and some other nations have already started the process of isolating the viral specimens with a view to create a vaccine specific for H1N1 virus.

    The world needs to get ready for this pandemic much sooner than they think.

    I would recommend strongly that India should immediately allow controlled manaufacture of masks and tamiflu tablets in advance in order to avoid the panic in future when the virus spreads in uncontrolled manner which is a serious possibility.

    Re :Swine flu- unfolding into mega proportions
    by: on 9th Jun'2009

    WHO have released the latest figures on 8th June confirming a total of 25,000 reported cases of infection with H1N1 virus otherwise known as swine flu worldwide.The number of detah from swine flu have now reached 150 in total worldwide.Maximum number of reported deaths occured in Mexico followed by USA even though the infected cases are three times more in USA.

    What one should clealry understand from the current statistics is that increased awareness about H1N1 virus and regulated control of the spread of infection would decrease the risk of death in infected cases as the disease if detected early can be treated effectively with simple antvirals and supportive therapy

    Indian government have not updated their alert levels since April 2009 inspite of the fact that the virus spread have occured rampantly after the last letter of statement regarding H1N1 virus on April 28/2009.

    Some of the important contact numbers in India in relation to reporting  monitoring cells on H1N1 virus, as released by Ministry of Health and family welfare are as follows

    Important Contact Numbers:

    Outbreak Monitoring Cell (Control Room,

    NICD): 011-23921401 EMR Control room (Ministry of Health and

    family Welfare: 011- 23061469

    Important Websites:;

    In the mean time the general public should take all the necessary precautions and report any suspected cases of H1N1 infection immediately to concerned authorities as this would help in effectively isolating the infected cases immediately and preventing further spread.

    This would also allow the infected person to receive immediate treatment.



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