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Thread : Queensland elections and the fight for topspot

    Queensland elections and the fight for topspot
    by: admin on 25th Jan'2015

    Both Campbell Newman and Anastacia Palaszczuk are campaigning hard in the last week before state general elections.

    Campbell Newman reperesents Ashgrove, a Brisbane susburb and is facing stiff opposition this time again in his own backyard from Kate Jones, whom he won against in 2012 elections by nearly 4,500 votes majority.

    Anastacia Palszczuk is the leader of opposition from Australia Labor party. She is contesting from Inala against Adam Hannant this time around and she won from Inala in 2012 with comfortable majority.

    There may be no clear majority if Greens bag more seats on their own. Clive Palmer's Palmer United party may also cause some trouble to Campbell Newman who is trying hard to retain his premiership in Queensland.

    The core issues driving the swing votes in this election are creation of new jobs as well as handling of public assests in Queensland. Free public health is another major issue.

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