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Thread : visa marriage scams in Australia

    visa marriage scams in Australia
    by: admin on 19th May'2015
    A visa scam racket is busted in Australia recently.
    Some Australian women were paid money to act as married wives for immigrants seeking permanent residency on spouse visa category.
    The migration agent Mr M was caught and charged for the visa scam earlier this month in May 2015.
    Many Australian young women were paid unto $ 25,000 each for acting as Australian wives in order to facilitate the immigrants seeking permanent residency in Asutralia.
    Now that this scam has been busted may other immigration agents entertaining this kind of illegal visa scam are now slowly wrapping up their business deals before being caught by Immigration department of Australia.
    Some of the women who received money also seem to be backing off from these shady deals in fear of being caught for promoting illegal immigration.

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