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Thread : Human trafficking and illegal immigration.

    Human trafficking and illegal immigration.
    by: admin on 4th Sep'2015

    In the last few months this year, thousands of illegal immigrants set off to Western shores seeking safe life for themselves and their families.

    War torn countries like Syria, Afghanistan and some African nations like Niger, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ethiopia, Guinea have seen waves of illegal immigrants risking their lives while they seek the safe shores in Europe and even Canada as well as Australia.

    Human trafficking which involves facilitating illegal immigration is a lucrative trade for many rogue traffickers operating from Libya, Indonesia and some European nations.

    Entire world was left in a state of shock after witnessing the picture of a toddler who lost his life in the sea while on an illegal immigrant boat and then found dead as he was washed ashore in Turkey.

    The European national leaders are currently debating about providing asylum to these illegal immigrants on a compassionate basis.

    Australian prime minister, Tony Abbot announced today that Australia is already looking at providing permanant asylum to many of these illegal immigrants.

    Australia has finally shown its compassionate side through the announcement of Tony Abbott today while until recently many human rights groups severely criticised the Australian federal government's alleged illtreatment of asylum seekers at the detention centre in Nauru, Papua Newguinea.


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