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Thread : Same Sex Marriage survey in Australia

    Same Sex Marriage survey in Australia
    by: admin on 3rd Nov'2017
    Australian politics is recently reeling with lots of uncertainty on many key political issues, both past and present following the high court decision disqualifying the election of high profile politicians like Barnaby Joyce from National party and Larissa Waters from Greens party.

    The postal survey is officially finished with the deadline for submissions.The counting process is ongoing currently. The survey results will point towards the inclination of Australian towards the important issue of right to marriage legality between same sex members belonging to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

    The Yes/ No postal survey led to lot of healthy and unhealthy debates between so called supporters and opponents across the nation. The result is awaited now which by itself may not change anything legally at this stage for the LGBT community members. However it could even delay or initiate a more consolidated process to introduce definitive law governing these rights at National level. 

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