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Thread : Birdflu vaccine- Can we keep up with the pace of H5N1 virus

    Birdflu vaccine- Can we keep up with the pace of H5N1 virus
    by: admin on 2nd Jun'2009
    The real threat of the bridflu outbreak exists in Asia with records of already doucmented cases of birds to human transmission of H5N1 viruses leading to death of nearly 80 human beings in 2007 in Indonesia. While poorly funded healthcare research facilities in Indonesia and other Aisan countries are still not able to develop vaccines against brid flu, rich nations like US, Australia and Frnace are rapidly aquiring stores of bird flu vaccine by devloping vaccines in large quantities in their own countries. WHO which was overlooking the process of development of vaccine in early stages does not hold any kind of control on the distribution of vaccines in case of a pandemic outbreak of birdflu in any of these poor nations in near future. The Governments and leaders of these nations should wake up to this fact and allocate adequate and necessary funding urgently to the necessary organisations capable of manufacturing H5N1 vaccines in suffcicient quantities before an outbreak anytime.
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