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Thread : Nuclear power- can it fix all of India's problems

    Nuclear power- can it fix all of India's problems
    by: on 7th Nov'2011

    Mr Kalam have spoken at great length recently trying to reassure people of Koodankulam regarding the safety aspects of nuclear plant in Tamilnadu.

    There is no doubt that Mr Kalam is true visionary .He has envisioned that India will need nuclear power in order to fuel its growth engine for the coming decade.He also confirmed that Thorium is a safe and effective source of nuclear power and that it is abundant in India.

    These days tt does appear like India is pacing ahead without proper game plan.Sometimes it appears like there is a game plan but there is failure of execution. The choas that sets in due to this poor planning or failure to execute is a regular phenominen on floors of power corrdors like parliament house or state assemblies.

    The elected leaders are constantly blaming each other for failures. The government offices and its officers are helpless due to the apathetic reactions from current governments to the lack of governance.

    Will Mr Kalams vision ever become true? Is the nuclear pwer going to fix all of the India\'s problems. We hope that all the elected leaders sit together and come up with constructive workable plans rather than stalling the functioning of government at all levels.

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