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Thread : The changing political landscape in India

    The changing political landscape in India
    by: hari on 6th Mar'2012

    The ruling congress under the political leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi  seems to be losing its grip on the future reins.

    The biggest blow came with complete failure in winning the predicted seats in Uttarpradesh state.

    Then came the unexpected blow in regaining of power by Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab state.

    Goa state politics slipped away from the hands of Congress too.

    This is certainly not a good sign for Congress party trying to project Rahul Gandhi as its future leader and the prime minister in waiting for India.

    These results also indicate that the current National government under the Hon.Manmohan singh as the primeminister will also be facing a rough ride until the next central elections.

    Many ambitious ventures are currently on hold due to the lack of clear majority and difficulty in passing crucial bills for the central leadership.

    Issues like nuclear power and FDI in many sectors of development are yet to be decided.

    If Rahul Gandhi fails to emerge as a strong leader in near future there is certainly no other young leader in waiting and clearly the prime minister role will be handed over to the political veterans of other parties be it either from BJP or from other coalations opposing Congress

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