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Dr Manjula Anagani

Dr. Manjula Anagani is the Director at Women and Child Unit, Maxcure Hospitals (old Sunshine Super Specialty Hospitals), Madhapur, Hyderabad and a visiting Laparoscopic Surgeon, NMC Specialty Hospitals, Dubai.

She is an expert in Laparoscopy surgery.

Her achievements include working on ergonomics of woman and evolving newer techniques in Laparoscopy and minimal invasive surgery. She came up with a new Entry Technique to make the surgery less complicated and easier for the Surgeon. Since then she has performed more than 10,000 Laparoscopic surgeries in Gynecology catapulting her at the top slot in Andhra Pradesh and one among the few leading Laparoscopic surgeons in India.

She is widely recognized for her work on primary amenorrhea (i.e. absent menstrual cycles). She is the First Doctor in the Country to utilize autologous Stem Cells to regenerate endometrium in case of endometrial aplasia (i.e. genetically absent lining of uterus). She is accomplished with Pioneering a new technique in India to create a Neovagina using a minimally invasive technique for woman with absent vagina.

She is a certified specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Her expertise in the field of gynecological laparoscopy is recognized in other countries too and she is a visiting Laparoscopic Surgeon in NMC Specialty Hospitals, Dubai. She is an invited Operating Faculty for many National and International Operative workshops, CME’s (Continuous Medical Education) and Conferences.

She has been a DNB (Directorate of National Board) teacher since 2006 and Faculty for Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education (EISA) and CeMAST (Centre for Excellence in Minimal Access Surgical Techniques). She conducts regular training for Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic techniques duly guiding more than 500 gynecologists in the country. She is presently the Chairperson for Endoscopic Committee of OGSH (Obst. &Gyn. Society)

She has been recipient of many awards in the Health Sector.

She has initiated an advocacy campaign called “Suyosha – A Perfect Woman” to address all aspects of woman’s health, child abuse,health education of adolescent girls and anti- hysterectomy campaign for Avoidable Surgeries through regular awareness campaigns in TV, Print Media, schools and public forums. She has co- founded an NGO “Pratyusha Foundation” working on Women Empowerment ; ‘Wish Come True’ for HIV infected kids; ‘Say Yes to Health’ and free health checkups in slums, orphanages and schools .

Throughout her professional journey in life, she demonstrated focus on womanhood as an innovative creation!

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